Negative Split

Question: What is a "Negative Split?" I have heard runners talk about how they ran a "negative split" in a race, what does it mean?

Answer: The term "negative split" refers to running the second half of a race faster than the first. Many runners go out too fast in the beginning of a race and then slow down significantly in the second half of a race, it is a common mistake because you feel rested and strong in the beginning so it is tempting to go out fast then struggle to keep that pace and then end up slowing right down, plus running a negative split means that later on in a race you may pass several runners which can give you a huge confidence boost as you enter the last few miles.

A "negative split" calls for you to be patient with your speed as you cross the start line and then gradually pick up the pace as the race progresses.

Running a negative split requires planning and training but it will benefit you mentally and physically in races from 5K to a marathon.

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