Member Testimonials

Helen White 04/08/2017

I had never been successful at running before joining Jaynes joggers. This group is amazing the support I received is fantastic, building up from 1/2 a mile to 3 in 6 weeks. The pace is whatever you want whether you are at the front of the back the encouragement is constant and the feeling of achievement afterwards is great. I've continued running and am now a member of pudsey runners and have entered my first 10k in November! Xx thankyou Jayne and all the Pudsey Runners for their support xxx

Carol Brewer 02/08/2017

Since I joined, in the 6 weeks of doing it I've drop a dress size and lost 4 1/2 pounds

Gillian Kerfoot 28/07/2016

I thought I couldn't run and wouldn't like it even if I could! But with the support of JJ I can and I do! JJ is a fantastic group, very supportive and I'm feeling much fitter, thanks Jayne and Kev and everyone I've met through JJ, now joining PR

Kat Shaw 28/07/2016

I've done 2 rounds with Jaynes Joggers. The first, which started my liking of running, the second, to help me rekindle my love of running. The support and encouragement is phenomenal. Possibly the best way to be introduced to the sport.

Karen Grindrod 27/07/2016

Feedback on JJs - I've found everyone really friendly and motivational, pushing me to keep going, telling me I could do it, when my brain and legs were telling me otherwise. Also helpful hints and tips on stretches etc The messaging each other to get friends for am impromptu run or just support each other, really helped me. Trying to set up more than 2 groups when lots of attendees, I found this really useful, as I was a middle of the road runner. The worst things for me were missing the hill training weeks and the parkrun. Also I did not realise that it was twice a week before I attended the first session. I was recommended to join and would have no problems encouraging friends to come along to future courses.

Mandie Gadsby 24/02/2016

Hi, I was convinced that I'd be able to run by my sister-in-law, Clare Fowler, who was already a member of Pudsey Runners. I'd just lost approx 3.5 stone and was struggling to get the last stone off. I told Clare for weeks/months, that I couldn't run. She kept saying, 'if I can, you can!'. She eventually persuaded me in October of 2014 to go for a steady run with her. We did 3 miles on my first outing without stopping! I honestly could not believe it! Neither could my legs 2 days later! I then joined Pudsey Runners the week after and completed the Abbey Dash 10k 5 weeks later! I did the Leeds Half Marathon in 2015 and smiled all the way round! I run as often as I can which varies from once a week to four time a week. When I first started running, it took me around 14 minutes to run a mile. This reduced to 9.50 at my best and 7.06 in the one mile time trial. It doesn't take long to improve your performance! I'm completely hooked and addicted and so grateful for the support of Pudsey Runners, they're an amazing group of people!

Claire Jackson 24/02/2016

After contracting meningitis my life was put on hold,

Until I heard of Pudsey Runners and encouraged to join the fold,

My journey began in 2015,When a friend introduced me to the team,

I was surprised to find how friendly they are,

From start to finish a great bunch by far,

My progress has been steady and sure,

Two 10k runs,1/2 marathon and more,

Although injuries, for a while slowed my pace,

With support from the club I am back in the race,

So thanks to you all for lending an ear,

We will step out in style together, for many a year

Donna Dibb 21/02/2016

I love being part of Pudsey Runners. Such a supportive and encouraging group. There are always a choice of runs going out on club nights which cover a wide variety of abilities, and with the constant re-grouping nobody is ever left behind. Fantastic people with lots of friendly advice always there to inspire you to run your best.

Sally Currie 18/02/2016

Both growing up through my school years and before joining Pudsey Runners I always said I can't run. I used to go to the gym and started doing a little bit of running on the treadmill but still told myself that no way would I run outside, don't really no my reasons why, embarrassment I think. I then heard about 'Park Run' that take place every Saturday morning and are 5k in distance so I took on the challenge and had a go, and actually found I enjoyed running in the fresh air. I then decided I'd like to take my running further and decided I'd try joining a running club. Having first tried a couple close to where I lived at the time, I then heard about Jayne's Joggers and Pudsey Runners. I contacted Pudsey Runners and spoke with Jayne Greensill who welcomed me to the club and explained I was more than welcome to have a go, although she would be away for my first run. I decided I'd still take the plunge and go and see what it was like. I was welcomed by a very friendly group of runners all very encouraging. Since joining the club from being a novice runner and somewhat slow, I persevered and have since entered and run the Leeds Abbey Dash, Horsforth 10k, Eccup 10 mile, the Leeds Half Marathon (twice) and my biggest achievement the Yorkshire Marathon! I would not have been able to achieve all of this if it hadn't been for the support of Pudsey Runners and the very friendly and encouraging members. I would also like to say that it's never too late to start running considering I was a very late starter, I think I was 53 or 54 ish!

Mark Jackson 18/02/2016

51 maybe old to join a running club. Thats what I did 2 years ago after 30 years of solo running persuaded by my wife and club founder the inspirational Jayne Greensill. I now look forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings when I turn up to run with what I now consider to be great friends and running buddies. As new people enter the club and you watch their journeys and progression it makes Pudsey Runners such a great club to run with.. I love it ....

Clare Fowler-Wood 15/01/2015

As some of Pudsey Runners already know a couple of them tried to talk me into running my words were "you will never get me running it doesn't interest me" how wrong was I? After some persuasion I finally agreed to give it a go, Now I have ran 2 x 10k runs I ran the Pain Barrier and I have now signed up for the Leeds Half Marathon. I can honestly say Pudsey Runners are the best by far, so much motivation and support for everyone and I am so glad I was persuaded to join, now I am one of those people giving support to new runners fantastic club x

Emma Berkeley 14/01/2015

Before I joined Jaynes Joggers if somebody had asked me if I fancied a 3 mile run I would not have even dared to even attempt it! After 9 weeks of running with Jayne and Kevin though, I'm amazed at the progress myself and everybody else in the group has made! Everyone can go at their own pace and nobody is ever left struggling on their own behind, the support is fantastic. I'm aiming for a 10k race in March now and hopefully that will just be the beginning! A massive thanks to Jayne, Kevin and all the Pudsey Runners who encourage us every step of the way!

Karen Mcdowell 14/01/2015

Hi. I joined Jaynes joggers 9 weeks ago and I'm so pleased I did. I wouldn't say its been easy but the team support & massive encouragement from Jayne & the Pudsey Runners team has been incredible . I hope to continue running & would encourage anyone of any shape or size & any level of ability to give it a go & join the next group, you won't regret it.

Thanks team for running me into a confident runner. Xx

Sue Gartlan 14/01/2015

The last nine weeks have been great at Janes joggers. I started doing athletics and road running over 47 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into running after a few years of been very lazy. Jane and all the other Pudsey Runners have all been so helpful and supportive. Hopefully if the knee holds up I will keep coming to run with all the wonderful runners at Pudsey. A BIG thank you you all.

Gary Barnett 11/01/2015

I was a little apprehensive when I joined Jaynes Joggers being a 50 something year old man who got out of breath running 100 metres but through group encouragement I quickly went from running small distances to running 5 miles non stop. There is no pressure whatsoever and everyone goes at their own pace. I would like to thank Kevin for his support throughout the weeks and intend to do 10km in the last week a vast improvement on my 100 metres. I intend to now join Pudsey Runners to stretch myself further.


Kathryn Heaton 11/01/2015

When I started Jaynes joggers in November I never thought 10 weeks later I would be running 3 times a week and enjoying it. I also never imagined that I would be able to run 6 miles in one go. Prior to Jaynes joggers I was a complete non runner and now I am looking forward to training for a 10k in March and the leeds half marathon in May. Thanks to everyone involved.

Jo Martino 19/05/2014

Exactly one year ago I took the first steps and got off the sofa, got out of the door and went for my very first run. It wasn't a run, it was a walk/run/walk....more walking than running, very overweight, unfit, no confidence, unhealthy with high blood pressure and other medical ailments including suffering with migraine headaches regularly.

I completed my first half marathon on Sunday 11th May, after a year of lots of hard work, effort and determination. Pudsey Runners have all been there every step of the way, taking part in long training runs with me, even though my speed is not great, I was never left to run on my own, the support has been immense.

I am now much healthier, no longer suffer with migraines, near on an ideal weight, the health benefits have been amazing. My mood has improved and am a much more confident person. I aim to carry on running, I am hoping to be strong enough to do my very first marathon in 2015, and I know that Pudsey Runners will be there to support me achieve this goal.

If you are wanting to give Jayne's Joggers a go, just do it, who knows, it could be you taking part in races even a half marathon in a year's time.

Joanne Healy 05/05/2014

After years of 'will I won't I join a running club', this was due to severe depression and a feeling of I'm not good enough, I plucked up the courage to get in touch will Jayne Greensill. I had heard about Jaynes Joggers from my sister and friends who on facebook were all posting great things. So very nervously I rang Jayne, and after speaking to her I felt deflated because when Jaynes Joggers were running I was working. But despite that, Jayne very kindly met me to give me a few tips, as I was not a runner, and I was quite anxious about what she would make of me? I was suprised at how encouraging she was and how well I did, I got a real buzz. After, she told me to get posting on facebook asking if anyone would run with me. I was blown away by the support and people who would run, it made me cry with happiness that all those years of wondering 'what if', were finally laid to rest. I have not looked back since, I'm now a fully paid up member of Pudsey Runners joining in on club nights when I can, and running with friends from the club at weekends. Jayne I thank you, as the years of lack of confidence and self worth seem a world away. X Now what are you waiting for?

Cathy Burden 08/04/2014

I joined Jaynes Joggers in January this year having tried (and failed) to run on my own. From week one the group was friendly and welcoming with lots of support and encouragement. After only 10 weeks I can run 6 to 7 km and actually enjoy doing so (Never thought I'd say anything like that!!!!)

Jen and Mark Stobbs 20/01/2014

One day my friend Tracey Rowley asked me if I fancied joining a beginners jogging group. I laughed and said are you having a laugh, I can only just about walk small distances! A week later I was signed up to Jayne's Joggers and I haven't looked back.

I needed to loose a few pounds so I thought I'd give it a go. On the first session we met at queens park and the aim was to run around the field without stopping. I stopped not even a quarter of the way round... but with the guidance and support from Jayne, Rebecca, Wendy, Karen and some of the previous Jayne's Joggers I finally managed to run round that field not once but twice.

When I got home I told Mark all about it and how well I thought I had done. He had laughed at first when I told him I was joining.. the following week he joined and he too has never looked back.

Since joining we have both lost weight and loads of inches. The group is so motivational and encouraging. If you say you can't possibly run then you're wrong and the group will prove it.

We both entered and completed the 10k abbey dash in November which was a real achievement for us. We love running now and get out 3 to 4 times a week with a small group in our local area. It's not just good for your physical health but it's great for your social life. We have made many good friends who we will remain friends with for a long time to come..



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