The Committee

Chairperson   Jayne Greensill
My name is Jayne Greensill, I have been running for 10 years and I am an England Athletics Qualified Level 2 Coach, specialising in beginners and new runners. Running has changed my life, I used to be a very heavy smoker and overweight!! 'Race for Life' was my challenge, 66 mins was my Goal!! - I did it!!, 55.45! From that day on, I've never looked back. I love running!! With 2 marathons, dozens of half marathons and plenty of 10 k's on and off road stored in my little red book, I am always happy to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who thinks they cannot run.

Secretary   Lesley Jackson
To cut a long story short, I was introduced to this fabulous club after a chance meeting with Jayne in the ladies toilet of The Bankhouse! I joined Jayne's Joggers on a 10 week course and couldn't quite believe that I was fit enough to run a 5k park run at the end of it (I still cherish that feeling even now). This gave me the confidence to join Pudsey Runners and I haven't looked back. I'm what you would call a 'steady paced' runner and I have built up slowly over the last couple of years, culminating in me running the London Marathon in April 2016! I feel very privileged to run with so many great people, who I now consider to be friends. Everyone at the club is enthusiastic and encouraging and they are always there to provide whatever support I need - I'm proud to say that running is a big part of my life now.

Treasurer   Liz Donaghue
I started running in 2013. Before this I'd always kept myself fit in the gym doing a bit on the treadmill and circuits. I'd fancied trying running but felt too intimidated by the already established local clubs thinking they'd be too advanced for me. That was until I saw an advert for Jaynes Joggers beginners group and thought I'd give it a go. After a few weeks, with the support and encouragement from everyone, I felt confident to try running on official club nights & I can honestly say I've never looked back. What a great group of people, there's always someone to offer advice and support. I've gone on to complete a 10k in just over an hour and several timed park runs, as well as attaining my Certificate in Running Fitness. Hoping to make 2014 a family affair my husband completed one of the beginners sessions and is now a Pudsey Runners member, & I'm working on my teenage daughter.

Kit Manager   Joanne Beeton
I had only run on and off for a while prior to joining Pudsey Runners. I didn't think I was fast enough to join a running club. I used to think about running more often but never did so, recognising I was in need of extra motivation I joined Pudsey Runners. The group is very friendly and supportive and no one gets left behind.

Since joining I have improved my speed, distance and frequency of runs so my motivation has improved and I've also made some new friends. I love the club runs that are organised regularly as its a great chance to go off road and are usually followed by a well earned trip to a pub. ☺ Joining Pudsey runners has to be one of the best things I have done.

Coach Co-Ordinator   Kev Meakin
My running career started in my early forties and I'm still running 20 years later so somewhere along the way I caught the bug! Off road running is my passion as I love the fact that there is no traffic, very little noise and of course if it's wet and muddy then it's even better! Several years ago I qualified as a Coach in Endurance Running and it is so good to see people who thought that they couldn't run but have now competed in 10K's, Half Marathons and even Full Marathons.

I learnt many years ago from an experienced coach that training correctly and running properly will help you reach the goals that you set for yourself. Put the work in and you will reap the rewards. To help people improve is what I enjoy, and that is why I am still running today. So, if you want to run, think that you can't run, well give us a try, you will never look back!

Race Co-Ordinator   Jules Stead
I've always been involved in some form of sporting activity or other and been on school teams for Rounders, Netball & Hockey. I joined a gym at 17 and did circuit training for many years. Running only became a passion about 12 years ago but I was a solo morning run type of person. That is until I helped out with Jaynes Joggers and was asked to join the Committee for the newly formed Pudsey Runners. I've since, become an England Athletics level 3 qualified coach in running fitness, run in many races including a number of Half Marathons, Total Warrior, Pain Barrier and The Yorkshire Marathon. I love nothing better than getting muddy and wet through on the club off road trail runs ..... It's what life is made of ; )

Website Manager   Rebecca Taylor
I'm relatively new to running as I started in May 2011 when I thought I should practice a little for the Race for Life I had enrolled for, which was due to take place 3 weeks later. Having met a supportive friendly group of runners I found that I didn't want to give it up so I carried on running and really enjoy meeting up with a fabulous team who have also become great friends. I love supporting new runners and seeing them progress, so I regularly help out when we run the Jaynes Joggers courses. I personally run for enjoyment and to generally keep fit. Pudsey is always a good place to run with its rather 'hilly' routes both on and off road, which would prepare anyone for taking part in races.

Welfare Officer and Run Leader   Mandie Gadsby
I'm addicted to running since joining the club in 2014. I'd never run before and hated cross country at school! I probably hated it because they didn't teach you how to run! In 2014 I achieved my goal of losing 4 and a half stone with Slimming World and was "encouraged" shall we say, by fellow committee member (and sister-in-law) Clare Fowler to take up running. I told her many times that I couldn't run! She didn't listen though and one night took me out for a trial. 3 miles later, and I didn't stop once, I was over the moon! I COULD run! And the rest is history! I've done 10k races and half marathons, I love longer runs but I particularly enjoy helping people! So I completed the "Leadership in Running Fitness" course in October 2016 and now look forward to helping other people achieve their goals and ambitions.

Committee Member   Joanne Healy
I am very new to running as I started in 2014. I remember the first time Jayne took me out she said "You won't look back" she was right. Since then I've done Parkruns, Abbey Dash and Leeds Half Marathon. I'm not a fast runner but so thankful for the feeling of wellbeing it gives me. Pudsey Runners is a fantastic club to be part of and I would never have had to courage to do races if it had not been for the club, it has changed my life.

Committee Member  Sally Currie
I always said I can't run. I used to go to the gym and started doing a little bit of running on the treadmill but still told myself that no way would I run outside. I heard about 'Park Run' so I took on the challenge and had a go,and actually found I enjoyed running in the fresh air. I then decided I'd like to take my running further and decided I'd join a running club. I heard about Jayne's Joggers and Pudsey Runners. I was welcomed to the club by a very friendly group of runners all very encouraging. Since joining the club from being a novice runner and somewhat slow, I persevered and have since entered and run the Leeds Abbey Dash, Horsforth 10k, Eccup 10 mile, the Leeds Half Marathon (twice) and my biggest achievement the Yorkshire Marathon! I would not have been able to achieve all of this if it hadn't been for the support of Pudsey Runners and the very friendly and encouraging members. I would also like to say that it's never too late to start running!

Social Committee Member  Mark Jackson
I've been a runner for over 30 years and a member of Pudsey Runners for 3 years. And I'm now a member of the social committee where we not only have fun on our runs but socially too.

Social Committee Member  Jason Walker
Before turning 40 I had run a single 10k in 2010 & it took me forever! I appeared on the game show "Winter Wipeout" in 2011 out of shape & very unfit. Seeing myself on TV inspired a new challenge. I was invited by an existing member to join Pudsey Runners & I've never looked back. After 3yrs I have now run numerous 10k's, half & full marathon's losing 3 stone along the way. Pudsey Runners feed my active side, I thought I never had. It's a great club with not just great members but people I can now relate to as friends too, not only to run with but to also engage with on our fantastic social calendar.

Committee and Social Committee Lead  Clare Fowler-Wood
Like most other people I wanted to get fitter and loose weight. My friends suggested running and for nearly a year I refused and said I couldn't think of anything worse. But In June 2014 I bit the bullet and arranged a 1-1 with Jayne bearing in mind I have never run at all before, so off I went. Jayne taught me how to run correctly through techniques, I ran 3 miles that day and I have never looked back. I then went on to join Pudsey runners, wow what a lovely bunch of people who I can now call friends. Since then I have gone on to do many 10k's a half marathon and most recently the Virgin London marathon. I never thought I would or could run to the end of the street so to go from couch to 26 miles in 2 years is pretty amazing and it's all down to Jaynes Joggers and Pudsey Runners.





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